Thursday, March 5, 2015

Progress progresses!  An M577 APC full of new art, more lines of code than I care to count, functioning retractable T-1000 finger stealth-mode assassination gameplay.  The Shape Of Things To Come is shaping up.
"Marty! Marty! Get back in the Delorean! We've got to go back to the... Wait, who forgot the tachyon-proof car enamel?"

At present, I'm in the process of permutating the protagonist. I've got about ten different screencaps of Harrison Ford, Karl Urban, et. al. as "sci-fi cops" spread out in a Photoshop file. The twist is, main dude is going to be an ex-cop turned social worker. Crucified by the department for backing out of a direct order, serving a sentence of 25-to-life dealing with druggies and deadbeats and doing paperwork.

The trenchcoat is an easy signifier but simultaneously worn our, threadbare. I'm thinking an office shirt gone mottled-brown with coffee-stains, wrinkles. Black tie. 5 oclock shadow. Salt and pepper colored hair. Slightly overweight. Suspenders, slacks.

Player Animations:

IDLE: Slouching a little. One hand in pocket? Arm constantly twitching. Sparking. Jittering. Randomly reaches up to choke him. He whacks it away. Smoking?


Karl Carbon. Age 32. Ex-Cop. Ex-husband. Ex-human.

Maybe Det Bullock from Gotham, after he gets hung out to dry.

"Welcome to Coastlandia Public Human Housing, a mixed-income, gentrified neighborhood. Alter-human sentient transgenes and Siliconths are strictly forbidden. Robots and OMGs (Organisms Modified Genetically) with a Gortzel-Takeda Consciousness Test score of 4.1 or greater and who meet gross income requirements of 40% of the federal poverty level may be eligible to enter Section 9, a mixed-species landfill, doubling as waste disposal site and affordable housing."

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