Terminus Machina

Imagine Deus Ex and Fallout had a baby, then cranked player agency and dystopia to 11, and then had a thermonuclear feature-explosion. Everything from facial-biometric scan to wireless net hacking to drone strikes & spoofs to DNA-modification and a massive crafting system?

And then there's the fact that it's free.

"The best Deus Ex mod that there ever has been and will ever be. Innovative and fun once you get the hang of it. -- Fastgamerr - Creator of Deus Ex Nihilum

"The conspiracy is updated with the latest and cranked up to eleven. You will find the bleakest extrapolation of the burst of the housing bubble and the bailout that followed, private prison industry, patent and copyright wars, Monsanto controlling our food chain, consolidation of powers in the three letter agencies, rise of hacktivist groups like Anonymous, using drones to minimize deaths of own soldiers, wars against a "principle" (terror, drugs) and the worrying blending of the state and too-big-to-fail corporations." -- Revisor007

Terminus Machina Website

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