Sunday, February 22, 2015

Silver Spook Games Ver 0.1

SO!  Neofeud progress is progressing along.  Hack-n-slashing my way through Unity, Photoshop, Audacity, et. al.

Some added funkularity in the past week:

-enemies take multiple shots. Killin mutant's ain't shootin 3-eyed fish in an improperly disposed-of cesium barrel.

-headshots take them out in 1. Aim small miss small! (Sorry, don't mean to give American Sniper hashtag a boost)

-new adaptive cursor-position-based zoom. Camera pulls in when examining nearby documents, items, then pulls back to a wide shot when you're in a shoot out, all the way to aerial view when you're picking'em off with the 30.06. This one I'm pretty proud of and am going to put on the product box blurb, if physical distribution in mortar-stores still exists when this game hits the market.

- Enemies sped up, should be tougher. Basic game balancing. Slug-paced baddies are no challenge. Also, reduced mobility while aiming / backpeddling. You can fight, or flight, but not both simultaneously. Make it harder to break the AI with bullshit hit-and-run tactics. (Disclaimer: we do encourage tactics, but slightly smarter ones)

- Enemies' brains upgraded with killer-instinct microsofts - will chase you if a gunshot is heard in vicinity rather than flounce about happily while their bros are mowed down.

- walk sounds, bite sounds. TURN IT DOWN FOR WHAT?!

- Rudimentary health readout in white Arial text. This UI crap took figurative eons to crack. Why does it take 2 seconds to get a functional 3rd person shooter player class with solid rigid-body collision working, yet it takes four hours and twelve Rockstars to get a "Hello, World!" Marqueed across the damn screen? #IDontGetTheFuture