Sunday, May 10, 2015

Neofeud Demo Coming Soon!

Neofeud progress is supercharging faster than Tesla Powerwall sales! We've taken Elon Musk, Mars colonizer / world saving alt-energy guru extroardinaire's advice. "You have to put in 80-100 hour weeks. You have to get done in 6 months what the competition accomplishes in a year." Because that is the approximate time-horizon of Neofeud: 6 months. (off-the-record! We're not vaporware but don't hold us to that release date!)

"If you want a cyberprosthetics job done right you've got to it yourself!"
That's right, we're talking sustainable DIY cybrogery here. Upcycling Nintendo gamepads and picosatellite dishes into interactive minigames to do Lucas Arts proud.
We're giving you the quality brain-juice puzzles, taste-the-rust gritty cautionary dystopia, and copious (though hopefully not annoying!) pop/mid/high-brow cultural references from Terminator to Brazyl to please your inner 12-year-old SNES-nerd, your inner 20-year-old cybergoth Philosophy major, and your outer 32-year-old IT administrator with ADHD toddlers and overbearing middle-management bosses!

Proto-J "Ninja" Connor. Father was an A-list cybernetics corp scientist with a God-Complex, feckless disregard for Turing Police regulations, and fatherhood issues. Conceived of a million lines of LISP, a bleeding-edge neuronet and graphene sheets "Prototype J" was possibly the first fully-sentient AI, born in a top-secret, polarized-window laboratory. Since being deemed "defective", Proto-J has become a delinquent gangbanger, been shuffled through more robot-foster care and juvie detention facilities than Ice Cube and Ice T put together. AKA, "The 6 Billion Dollar Baller"

Speaking of Elon Musk and space tourism, here we have Murdoch Beach. The arcologized resort in the background is one of the many exotic neofeudal arcologies accessible by orbital hypersonic jet in Neofeud.
In less figurative news: we have about 10-20 minutes of fleshed out gameplay at the moment and hope to put out our first demo soon. We do eventually plan to put out a fully-realized multi-hour commercial AGS game, however that does depend on enthusiasm and reactions to the demo, to some extent. So please spread the word about Neofeud!

Stay tuned for the upcoming demo!