Dysmaton Demo Now Available!
(Formerly Known as "Forgotten City")

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(Steampunk cyborg girls in robopocalypse: don't skip cardio day! ;) )

"Creating new homeworlds always means a lot of trial and error. Our world... well, this one's an error."


Settlers of a new space colony got off to a rocky start, but eventually built up a happy, thriving metropolis... Then the machines took over.

Noria, a young engineer, lost everything the day the automated police forces went haywire. Now, on this failed new homeworld, she needs to survive the hostile environment, dodge the malevolent machines lurking everywhere, and manage her own painful memories of lost family and broken hopes.

"Dysmaton" is the latest Silver Spook Games project!  (Formerly known as "Forgotten City") 

If you'd like to see this project completed, please consider picking up Neofeud or becoming a Patreon Patron to support development of a full game!

It was initially created as part of the Adventure Game Studio Monthly Competition

The Creators

Knux Vee One (Chaos Nova) - Writing
Laura Loolaid (Chaos Nova) - Writing
Christian Miller (Neofeud) - Art, Programming, Game Design