Sunday, March 22, 2015

Former "Aliens" Artist Joins Neofeud!

Progress, progress, capital-p Progress on all fronts!

Silver Spook Games now has its own Facebook page! Welcome to the post-noughties, or the "teenies", or whatnot! Please Like! us, we need friends! Our therapists said so! :)

Apart from several cyberpunk-tastic new grimescapes, character designs, assorted gadgetophile gizmos (like Zippo-lighter flamethrowers and Nintendo Powerglove-style cyborg arms), we've added an illustrious mind-frakkingly talented new team member to the fight against the Illuminati game development. 

Please welcome, Kiel Bryant! Our new, "resident pencilist", AKA concept designer. An award winning illustrator, designer, and writer who has worked with such august names as Dark Horse comics and theAliens franchise. We're going full-fangirl here; it's like a birthday, Christmas, and a Neil Blomkamp premiere, all rolled into one!

Hypetech Excalibur Prosthetic, Series 9Finding Mr. NeofeudNeofeud Masthead 2.0Coastlandia Public HousingHere we have Coastlandia Public Housing. Used to be mixed-income, mixed-species, gentrified real estate. Now it’s a mixed-travesty. The Laissez Faire Market did its thing, Section 8 overflowed, now we have Section 9. A Third-World-quality ghetto for the millions of half-animal genespliced deadbeats and the battery-acid junkie robots who qualify for foodstamps and welfare. Welcome to Paradise.

Paleofuture Scrapheap
CONTEST: Name all of the sci-fi / cyberpunk pop-cultural references in this pic and win a free shout out in the next news post + insider access to some of the latest top-secret Neofeud material! Just post in the comments.

Not up on your skiffy trivia?  We're a little volunteer army working out of Section 8 and plumbing-free microhomes, so please consider a little donation!  You'll receive the shoutout as an official "Neofeud" patron and receive the backstage-pass to our latest material.

The smattering of the junked flying cars and decommissioned DoD mechs will serve as a major motif in Neofeud. A metaphor for the inevitable "luster-loss", the hype fading of the new hot tech, the "bohemia", becoming yesterday's canned PR presentation, and then appropriated as a pretense to Gentrify, and to Develop.

Yes, Neofeud will have everything- the platform-masher action, the adventure-puzzler brainbenders, and the relevant techno-socio-philosophical thought-provoking for the thinking gamer!  

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