Monday, March 6, 2017

Neofeud Trailer!

Check out the brand new Neofeud trailer featuring voice acting of , , and Mrs. Silverspook!

The big news in Neofeud is of course the brand-spanking new trailer highlighting some of the great voice talent on board. But other than that, I've spent most of the past week cutting, editing, and mastering audio, then inserting it into the game at a rate of about a couple hundred lines a day. At this point, I've got almost all of the eight or so main characters (3000 + words of dialog) cut and into the game.

Once that is complete, there's just some final testing and tweaks, and then Neofeud is off to the presses!

Speaking of which, I am in the process of investigating potential distribution methods, including Steam, GOG, Itch.IO, Gamejolt and self-distribution. I will likely end up using some combination of these, and Neofeud will become available via more channels and hopefully on more platforms over time.

Here's the full status report:

-Voice Acting 95% - The above list is the remaining parts that need to be cast. Do hit me up if you think you'd be interested in voice acting for Neofeud!

-Debugging 90% - The remaining debugging mostly involves making sure the audio is working correctly, that characters aren't suddenly 'swapping voices' and the sonic mix is right. With 60,000 words and around 5,000 lines of dialog, just the cutting and editing process has been a monumental task, but it's nearly finished at this point.

-Music & Sound FX 85% - Working on this simultaneously with the above!

-Story: 100

-Backgrounds 100%

-Characters 100%

-Programming 100%

Thanks again to all the voice actors/actresses, testers, patrons, word-spreaders, supporters, nice-word-sayers, and everyone else whose helped make Neofeud a reality!

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