Monday, December 11, 2017


NEOFEUD MADE IT TO THE TOP 100 INDIES OF THE YEAR! Thanks everyone for your votes and support! Neofeud can now use your vote again in the final round for ultimate indie of the year on IndieDB!

In addition, I just had a great talk with @PeaHeadGames creator of Neon Sword, cyberpunk RPG where you can use commerce or violence as your weapon of choice!
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Some of Neon Sword's Game features:
-Explore the neon bathed Quaid City.
-A living breathing city with a diverse population.
-Buy real estate and influence the city around you.
-Collect different and unique clothing items.
-Kit yourself out with entire arsenal of hardcore weaponry.
-A deep branching storyline.
-Save the city or run it into the ground it's your choice

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Next, here are a couple more reviews recently published on Neofeud:
This first one is in Spanish (sorry) and I wish I was fluent so I could read this great Neofeud review in its native language, but thankfully there is Google translate!
"A much more complex world than what is shown in Blade Runner, which inspired it, and this game also poses itself as a more in-depth and realistic reflection of the dilemma insinuated by the replicants."
"From the point of view of music and dubbing Neofeud has nothing to envy of major titles."
The reviewer also compared Neofeud with Neil Blomkamp and District 9, which is a high complement for me, since I consider D-9 as one of if not the greatest sci-fi film of the past few decades.

And one more review from Save Or Quit:
"Neofeud is a carefully crafted story that plays out like an interactive detective/mystery movie from the 80’s... This is a game for players who like to enjoy a good science fiction story set in a world that feels familiar and possible in the near future."
And finally, my Deus Ex 1 total conversion Terminus Machina has been featured on IndieDB's sister site, ModDB! Thanks for the highlight, guys! You can also see a video of me replaying this mod that I made about 7 years ago with developer commentary.

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