Saturday, August 8, 2015

Let's Play! (Something?)

I'm trying to figure out the best way to engage in this newfangled "Let's Play" nerd ritual, feeling too much the geek hermit of late, and have been wondering the best way to.

Due to my current multi-spawn, multi-generational household, and my Cybertron Borg-Q desktop  planted in a pseudo-open-office setup, I'm thinking if I just switch my Sure SM57 that I stole borrowed from work, I'll end up with a voice-over recording that resembles a cross between a Montessori preschool and an old folks' home with the Fox News turned up to 11.  (They're koolaid-drunk Democrats, but they're also over 35, and so they consume their current events through THE ILLUMINATI'S MOUTHPIECES mainstream television media.
I've been considering canting my laptop up against steering wheel of my 95 Corolla, using the passenger's upholstery as a mousepad and recording in the car.  There's potential micro-Youtube-celebrity gimmickery to be explored in vehicle-based-gaming... Channel names: "The Gaming Road Warrior"?  "The Drive-By Gamer"?  "Subcompact LPs?"

Ultimately though, the goal is to spitball some kind of comeraderie and synergy with the gaming community, and particularly point-n-click adventure gaming.  That very niche, very (apparently) Jewish/British subculture of narrative-heavy, production value-depleted games.  While I loved Beneath a Steel Sky and all the Wadjet Eye titles, playing these games can be a very isolationist experience, like reading a book.  (Indeed, you spend about 90% of your time reading MS-DOS resolution descriptions written by Londoners emulating William Gibson.  I see these LP's as a kind of world-wide virtual book club for those SAD-inflicted recluses called single-player gamers.  A place to share that internalized (for moi, somewhat over-internalized) experience of playing a great RPG or adventure.  It also gives me nostalgia for the technologically disrupted – no, technologically obliterated – human social activity called "Bringing your SNES over to your friends' house and gaming in the living room till 4 AM".  Fuck you very much, internet.

Anyway, I'll be overclocking and screencapping my way into Let's Play stardom for the next 24-36 hours.  Wish me luck!