Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Maze Runner - Review

The Maze Runner Scorch Trials was standard YA post-Apoc American Action but simultaneously intriguing in the way it pits those young adults against basically everyone over 20.  Not to overshadowed and spoilerfy but let's just say the adults literally use kids as a.) Profit mechanisms. B.) Mad Science test subjects. C.) Drug manufacturing plants through brain drain.  No not globalization techno economic brain drain but literal extracto on of neuro chemical pharmaceuticals from the vortices of involuntarily comatose children.

It strikes me that since the beginning of time (meaning the 80s or late 70s at latest) there have always been movies, comic books, punky sci fi novels and other media blasting the Goldman Sachsian tentacular stranglehold of capitalism and the overreach of technology and its acolytes. But the unflinching anti-corporate zeitgeist of Hunger Games and it's Green-frayed Robinhood-like coattails riders including MR, The Divergent Series, the bold-italics of Mr Robot, Gotham and Daredevil, are taking the rhetoric to a more literal level.  It strikes me that it all echoes Pope Francis' earthshaking rhetoric.  "It is not enough to go to mass on Sunday, and be a predatory finance worker on Monday."  Everything is inter connected.  What you do for work is in separable from your faith, your ethics, is inseparable from the environment is inseparable from human society and politics." 

There is a character in the Maze Runner that insists on returning to "Wickd" Corporation because the death and abuse and pain is for a "greater good".  "I'm not a monster, I'm a doctor," the resident Evil CEO declares as her infinite SWAT teams fan out to capture and imprison the precious 'immune' children.  This strikes me as  calling out of the 'centrist' liberals that justify working with the corporate overlords because, really, it's all for the best.  Peter Balish really has your best interests in mind.  (Aiden Quinn's head of Wickd security was damn creepy).  McDonald's really just wants you to have this personalized, artisan crafted Coke with you, just for you, John (Doe).  Walmart cares about all of you minimum wage morlochs, and remember when your absent father  took you there and got y9u your first Han Solo Kung fun action figure?  Wasn'5 that heart warming?  Share the lovin!  We have Your Best Interests In Mind.  Nevermind the fact that you have the worst job prospects since the great depression, you're multi-trillion in debt that you'll never get out from under pumping gas with that PhD and a half in Quantum Physics and Business.  Went back to school?  Oh sorry, we have AI that develops Web pages now.   You'll probably lynever own your own home, always be a paycheck from bankruptcy, can't ever have kids (not that you want to bring kids into this miserable world that's getting worse by the day.)  Really. We Have Your Best Interests In Mind.  We don't want to drain you of your life force for the increased wealth of a tiny elite.  No, don't be silly, Thomas.

Thomas highly doubts it.

The Boomers didn't trust anyone over 30, resisted the Dawn of the Dead zombies, the punks fought the System.  Now the Boomers are mostly CNN-consuming, Costco-shopping zombies (90% of the adults in Maze Runner want to sell the kids), the Gen X punks mostly write software and do TPS reports for The System and live defanged fantasies of techno revolution on Shadowrun night.  It's ok.  It's For The Greater Good.

The Maze Runner is the Millennial middle finger.    

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